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Who has tried hair plasma injection? 

Hair Transplant 02.02.2018-11:14

The reliance on plasma injections to treat hair loss among women and men has increased in recent years. Although the technique has been around for 30 years, it has not spread until the last 10 years after satisfactory results for most of those who underwent it. It is a good substitute for traditional hair transplantation or biofiber hair trans

Hair Filler Benefits

Hair Transplant 30.01.2018-13:01

The hair affects the overall appearance positively and negatively, so both men and women pay close attention to it and do not hesitate to do what they have to maintain its softness, density, and elegance.  Filler is the latest form of hair care and safety. It is a formulation made up of several natural compounds such as Zanthalene, kerat

Hair Filler

Hair Transplant 24.01.2018-11:51

Do you believe that the appearance of your hair could make a big difference in your career and not just in your personal life? When we talk about the impact of your appearance on your work here, we are not talking about the professions that are basically based on your appearance, including actors, broadcasters, and stars. In fact, most studies

Plasma Hair Injection

Hair Transplant 24.01.2018-11:06

Hair is the crown of the head for women and men and a prominent sign of beauty. Many suffer from the problem of hair loss and baldness, which affects the appearance of the person and leads to a sense of self-confidence and may adversely affect the performance of the person in work and relationships with people, which made the treatme

Hair loss Treatment

Hair Transplant 24.01.2018-10:03

We all remember how we used to be when we were young. Everything was healthy and fresh. Our skin was soft and pure. Our hair was thick rich and shiny, hasn’t been harmed by any forces. As days pass more and more forces affect our body. Hair is one of the beauty crowns that we have and alone it is considered as half of our beauty if not more.

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