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Reducing the size of the nose 

Face Aesthetic02.02.2018 - 10:28

How to make your nose smaller without surgery? 

Human beings are different in many things. One of the things that distinguish each person's face is the nose. The nose may cause many people to feel embarrassed and distrustful because of the nose's size or length. But many of us are not in favor of surgery for the many of reasons including:  

  • Consume a lot of time and procedures. 
  • High cost. 
  • Side effects of anesthesia. 
  • Unexpected results of operations. 

So, here are tips to reduce the size of your nose without surgery.  


How to make your nose smaller 

Shaping the nose 

If you perform this exercise regularly for a long period of time, the shape of your nose will definitely change and you will be able to shape your nose as you wish.  

How it is done  

Use the index fingers and press on both sides of the nose. Press on the underside of the nose to get the best results and make sure to breathe while doing this exercise. Repeat 10 times a day. 

Shortening the nose 

With age, many changes occur in the nose and cartilage of the nose. This exercise will help make the nose shorter by strengthening its muscles. It will also preserve the integrity of the cartilage of the nose.  

How it is done  

Put the index finger down the nose and with the index finger and thumb of the other hand, move the nose down, you can do this exercise every day as you wish.  

Straightening the nose 

This exercise is the simplest of all the exercises of the nose, it depends mainly on smiling.  

How it is done  

All you have to do is smile, use your fingers to lift your nose up, repeat this exercise twenty or thirty times a day and it will make the muscles around the sides of your nose stronger. 


Aerobic exercise and yoga give breathing exercises great importance. Breathing deeply and taking it out through the nose has many benefits, including of course reshaping the nose.  

How it is done  

Sit comfortably, close one of the nostrils, breathe in through the other opening, hold your breath for four seconds, close the other nostril, and remove the air from the opening that you closed at first.  

Repeat the exercise with the other nostril, you can repeat this exercise 10 times a day for the best results.  

Massage the nose 

As with breathing, the nasal massage has many benefits, it can treat some types of headaches, and of course, can narrow and reshape the nose.  

How it is done  

Massage all the nose from top to bottom as well as the sides. Make sure to move your fingers in a circular way. Massage your nose five times a day to get the best results. 

Removing smile lines 

With age, smile lines and wrinkles begin to fill the face, and this simple exercise helps remove those small lines.  

How it is done  

Fill your mouth with air and move the air in all directions, keeping the air on each side for five seconds, then exhale the air out of your mouth. Perform this simple exercise at least once a day.  

This is the easiest exercise you can do daily without any problems to reduce the size of the nose and do not consume a lot of time or effort, and it has the magical effect in changing the shape of the nose for the best, just take care to do it gently and avoid using force not to hurt your nose. 


Nose lifter or slimmer 

This device has many names and shapes but they all aim for the same purpose, and have the same effectiveness often, this device is used to reduce and evaluate the shape of the nose once placed for 10: 15 minutes a day. Where it squeezes the cartilage of the nose as well as the sides of the nose to make it look thinner.  

Medical herbs 

Some herbs and medical mixtures, such as ginger, are used to soften the nose if the nose is full of fat that makes it appear thick. Ginger is known for its ability to burn and dissolve fat. This recipe will not work if the cause of the nasal volume is from the bones or cartilage of the nose.  

How it is done  

Bring a fresh ginger and grind it, then put some water on it to make a paste. Use the dough on the thick places of the nose. This recipe will cause some redness or feeling of heat, but if the pain intensifies, remove it immediately.  

Minimize the size of the nose without surgery 

The injection of chemicals is the most effective way to change the shape of the nose, by placing some material in the nose of the patient. The nose gets directly the desired shape without any surgical procedures or complications, and the most common substances used in the injection are Botox and silicon. There are also some modern alternatives Such as hyaluronic acid, and oxides. 


These injections are superior over surgical operations in many aspects. In contrast to surgical procedures, the injection of the nose is superior in the following:   

  1. The patient does not need total anesthesia, only local anesthesia at the injection site. 
  2. The patient does not need to recover after the operation. 
  3. The process takes place in a few minutes without the need for many procedures and preparations. 
  4. The patient can follow the change in the shape of the nose during the operation. 
  5. Most types of abnormalities are treated in the shape of the nose but do not address functional problems. 

But the results of the injection of these substances varies from one substance to another, there are long-lasting materials like hydroxyapatite Calcium or known as (Radiesse) as it lasts for more than a year, and there are materials less effective such as Botox, which lasts for six months.