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Pink Lips Using Laser

Face Aesthetic24.01.2018 - 09:51

It has been always the dream of every woman to have pink lips, but some races and especially Arabian women have dark lips because of genetic factors. Moreover, most of these women have been looking for remedies and solution to brighten their lips color.  

Since ancient times, pink lips are a sign of health and beauty. Natural mixes like herbs for example “Belladonna”, which means the beautiful lady, stores fluids in the body to have pink lips and cheeks.  

After that lipstick with red and pink colors became popular. Because red and pink lips give women attractiveness and beauty. But lipstick gave temporary results. 

Genetic factors and dark skin are not the only causes of the dark colored lips problem but rather some diseases, low-quality cosmetic products or bad habits, like smoking, may cause dark colored lips. 

With the advancement of science and cosmetic surgeries, it is possible to make the lips pink using laser. As it is considered an effective and safe method.  

What is pink lips operation using laser?  

When we talk about pink lips operation using laser, people start thinking about a permanent tattoo. But that is not true. pink lips operation using laser are based on using Q-Switch laser, which works on breaking the pigmented cells in the lips and prevent them from accumulation.  

Usually, melanin pigment accumulates in the lips because of genetic factors and increases with age. Some other hormonal factors help in its accumulation as in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Moreover, environmental factors also increase its tendency to increase. So, the laser works by breaking these melanin pigments like how other laser types break the fat.  

There are other cosmetic methods to brighten the lips color like plasma injections. plasma injections use their platelets component to re-energize and make the lips pink; moreover, because it works to stimulate collagen, it makes the lips look thicker.  

For lip injections using “filler”, superficial injections of Hyaluronic acid with glycerol are used, which increase the size of the lips and help in hiding lines and cracks of the lips.    

Fees for pink lips operation using laser

The fees for one session of pink lips operation using laser start from 100$ to 400$, and it takes on average 3 to 4 sessions to have satisfactory results. Because of that the average full fees for pink lips operation using laser is between 400$ to 2,000$.   

Celebrities that have done pink lips operation using laser

From the Arab world:  

  • The Egyptian star Layla Elwi. 
  • The Egyptian star Ghada Abdul Razek.  
  • The Egyptian singer Shireen Abdulwahab. 
  • The Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram. 
  • The Lebanese singer Elissa. 
  • The Kuwaiti Star Huda. 
  • The Syrian star Jeny Esber. 
  • The Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe. 
  • The Egyptian star Ilham Shaheen. 
  • The Lebanese singer Dina Hayek. 


  • Jessica Alba. 
  • Beyoncé. 
  • Liza Renee. 
  • Lindsey Lohan. 
  • Lara Flinn. 
  • Amanda Holden. 

Who needs to have pink lips operation using laser 

Every man and woman who feel that they have dark colored lips and want to have natural pink lips can have the pink lips operation using laser. The person needs to be healthy and doesn’t have any health condition that prevents him or her from undergoing the pink lips operation using laser.  

Moreover, the person must be a non-smoker. Generally, this operation works to treat the effect of sunlight and small scares on the lips and to treat acne traces. 

People who have problems with wounds healing properly or have lumps after wounds are treated are considered not appropriate for pink lips operation using laser. Also, pink lips operation using laser is not appropriate for people with oral herpes virus or diabetes.  pink lips operation using laser can be done to diabetic people if they are stable for 6 months.  

Recovery from Laser lip operation and the expected recovery period

People may suffer from swelling and peeling in the lips after the session, which is a normal thing. Results are observed directly after the first session when the swelling is gone.  

Some instructions must be observed following the sessions. Few of these instructions are avoiding hot drinks, sunlight and usage of cosmetic products, and the continuous application of moisturizers.  

Results Before and After Laser lip operation

After the swelling and the peeling of the lips ends results start to appear, and pink color starts to appear gradually after each session.  Patients must wait for realistic results, watching other before and after pictures of other patients might help.  

Steps for Laser lip operation

The first step for laser lip operation is to evaluate the patient’s condition, discuss his or her expectations and determine the results he or she wants with the doctor. After the evaluation, the doctor approximates the number of sessions that the patient will need. 

The patient must tell the doctor about all the medications and herbs that he or she is taking. After that, the doctor will take a couple of pictures of the patient’s lips so that before and after results can be compared. Finally, the doctor will set the sessions date and the amount of time between sessions.  

Each session of laser lip operation includes the application of Local anesthetic to the lips, then the doctor focuses laser rays on the spots that need to be brightened for short period of time. After that the patient continuous his or her normal life activities until the next session.  

One session takes about 30 minutes, and only small pain is felt. Swelling, peeling and some inflammation might happen but heal soon after the session.  

Risks and potential complications

If the used device is not very accurate and the one using it is not highly skilled, results will not be satisfying. Colored spots and not unified color might happen after using the device. Moreover, if the laser was too strong or used for long periods of time, burns might happen. Also, there is a risk of bleeding.  

It is important to know that laser lip operation is done without the patient feeling a lot of pain, so if the patient felt an unbearable pain he or she must tell the doctor and must stop the operation directly.  

Lips will be more sensitive, so it is advised not to expose to sunlight for long periods of time for two reasons. One is that to maintain the results and the other is for the lips not to have inflammation due to sunlight exposure.   

History of Laser Lip Operation

With laser rays evolving, their usage in the cosmetic field had revolutionized the field. Lazer was discovered by Theodore Harold Maiman on 7 July 1960.  the laser entered the surgical and medical industry on the 1980s and it is still evolving.  

How to choose the perfect doctor to do Laser Lip Operation  

As we talked above, the highs risks of laser lip operation is the doctor himself or herself. Using the laser device is so sensitive and require a professional to have satisfactory results. 

After choosing the doctor, previous operations and results must be observed to make sure about the skillfulness of the doctor.    

Questions to be asked the doctor before having Laser Lip Operation

  1. What are the expected results of the operation? 
  2. For how long will the results last? 
  3. Is Laser Lip Operation the best solution for my case?  
  4. How many sessions will I need until I get the results I want? 
  5. Are the results that I want realistic and achievable? 
  6. Which device will be used? 
  7. Where and how will the laser lip operation will be done? 
  8. Will I feel pain during the operation? 
  9. What are the risks and possible complications during the Laser lip operation?