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Laser Eyebrow Bleaching

Face Aesthetic01.02.2018 - 08:39

The eye has always been considered one of the most prominent factors of the beauty of the face of women. Eastern poets sang about the beauty of the eyes a lot. As the eyebrow highlights the beauty of the eye. the beauty of the eye is not complete without the beauty of the eyebrow.

Some women suffer from having the color of their eyebrows different from their hair color, or their eyebrows are very dense, which cause the extinguishing of the attractiveness of the eyes and the face, so there emerged a lot of methods of dyeing shortening and reduce the intensity of the eyebrows, the most recent is the laser eyebrow bleaching, but before talking about this technique, we review the methods of eyebrows bleaching that was used before it appeared.


Traditional methods of eyebrow bleaching

Initially, the regular make-up was used to temporarily change the color of the eyebrows. The advantage of this method is that it is inexpensive and offers wide options for hair color and is also safer than others as long as high-quality makeup has been used. It needs a lot of precision to show the color of the eyebrows as naturally as possible.

The technique that followed was based on the dye of eyebrows hair similar to those used on the hair, but the main drawback of this method was also the shortage of the dye and the need to release every few days to get the desired results. 


Laser Eyebrow Bleaching Technique

The most recent technique to solve this problem is Laser Eyebrow Bleaching, which gives an opportunity to get a color that lasts for months without the need to repeat the session. In laser bleaching, a specific wavelength laser beam is placed on one or several sessions based on the hair density. And this beam sheds hair some of its natural colors and make it lighter or blond, also the laser beam reduces the density of hair by making the hair thinner.

The difference between laser bleaching and laser hair removal

There is a similar procedure for laser hair bleaching is the removal of hair eyebrows using laser, but the fundamental difference between the two processes is that the laser hair bleaching does not actually remove the hair completely, but reduces the density only and make it thinner, in contrast to the removal of hair follicles completely done in the removal process The hair of the eyebrows, and the latter process is more suitable for those who have thick eyebrows or broad eyebrows, and seek to get thin eyebrows. 

Does the use of lasers to bleach the eyebrows lead to hair loss?

There are many types of lasers, some of which may weaken the growth of hair and reduce its density somewhat, but in general laser, the bleaching function is to affect the natural hair color and make it a lighter color and not hair removal, so you can perform laser hair bleaching without fear of falling eyebrows.

There is a kind of laser used in the bleaching that works on the hair follicles but needs to shave the eyebrows completely before laser sessions, but the eyebrows quickly return to grow again after a short period.

How do laser eyebrows bleaching operations take place?

The beauty expert first examines the hair of the eyebrows in terms of density, shape, and color to determine the most appropriate method to deal with it. Then the hair is subjected to the laser pulse of a certain wavelength depending on the color and density and the desired result. After several days, complementary sessions may be held if the desired result is not obtained after the first session.

Hair bleaching sessions are not surgical procedures. There is no need for partial or total anesthesia during laser eyebrow bleaching procedures. A licensed doctor is not needed. It can be performed by a technician or a nurse who is trained to use the laser equipment.


When do I need to use a laser to bleach my eyebrows?

Laser eyebrow bleaching is the ideal solution in the following cases:

  • Thick eyebrow hair that does not fit the appearance of the face.
  • The color of the eyebrows does not match the hair color, whether natural hair color or colored hair.
  • Thick eyebrows with no desire to remove the hair permanently using the laser.
  • The desire to use light dyes for eyebrows that cannot be used on dark eyebrows.
  • The desire to reduce the cost and time consumed by traditional methods (make-up or dyes).
  • Fear of side effects of pigments and hair bleaching products in the long term. 

When is laser eyebrow bleaching not the best solution?

Bleaching of laser eyebrows is not appropriate in the following cases:

  • Do not want to get permanent hair bleaching.
  • The hair of the eyebrows is light and fragile, as the thinning can be increased by bleaching.
  • Sensitivity to the laser. 

Laser bleaching disadvantages

Laser Bleaching procedures are very safe following the development of the devices used over the years, and some are even safer than pigmentation that may contain chemicals harmful to the hair and body, especially in the case of repeated use for long times, but laser Bleaching is not without some risks, Here are some potential laser bleaching disadvantages:

  • Some skin types are sensitive to laser radiation, so there may be allergies in the form of swelling or redness or itching in the area, but this sensitivity quickly disappears completely after several days.
  • In rare cases, all the hair in the eyebrows may not respond to bleaching, or hairs may grow later in the natural hair color, and the final result is some dark hair in the center of the blond hair.
  • Laser bleaching is a permanent change in the color of hair, unlike cosmetics that can be temporarily removed in the event of dissatisfaction with the end result, as well as dyes of hair that fade after several days at most, so there is nothing to do in the case of dissatisfaction about the color of the eyebrows after laser bleaching.

The average cost of laser bleaching

Laser bleaching is an economical and comfortable solution when compared to normal methods of bleaching when comparing costs of both cases over the long term. The laser puncture is enough to get blonde eyebrows for 3 to 6 months. Laser eyebrows bleaching costs between $ 50 and $ 150 depending on where they are made and the laser device used.


Tips before laser eyebrow bleaching procedure

  • Before you have laser eyebrow bleaching, consult a dermatologist to make sure your skin is not prone to allergies or irritation.
  • First, test your eyebrows by making a temporary makeup. To see how your face will look after your eyebrows are bleached, remember that the effect of laser bleaching will last for at least a few months.
  • If your eyebrows are too thick or wide, laser bleaching will not help to make them look thinner or lighter. Consider other options such as laser hair removal for thin, well-drawn eyebrows.
  • Choose a reputable beauty center and make sure of the laser used. Not all devices are efficient, and not all give the same results.
  • In the case of an allergic reaction after the first session, stop other sessions immediately and visit a dermatologist for help.
  • A slight pain or tingling may occur after laser bleaching sessions. Painkiller may be used.
  • The result may be delayed for several days. If you use a laser that requires a haircut, the waiting period will last up to a few months, during which you can use artificial eyebrows.
  • Wear eyeglasses to protect your eyes from lasers. These glasses are very important to prevent eye damage from the laser, especially since the rays will be very close to the eye when working on the eyebrows.