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Hair Filler Benefits

Hair Transplant30.01.2018 - 13:01

The hair affects the overall appearance positively and negatively, so both men and women pay close attention to it and do not hesitate to do what they have to maintain its softness, density, and elegance. 

Filler is the latest form of hair care and safety. It is a formulation made up of several natural compounds such as Zanthalene, keratin and Argan oil. These compounds represent the active substance of the hair follicle, called filler, as it penetrates the roots and increases the thickness of the hair. Make it more powerful and dense and return to it its luster and gloss.  

Since its appearance, Filler has gained considerable fame in the world of cosmetics and has gained wide popularity in a relatively short period of time. The number of available types has increased as a result of its increased demand. What are the benefits of Filler for the hair and its proven effects through its use?

 The Benefits of the Filler on the hair

Filler is rumored that its benefits are limited to its contribution to the restoration of the shinning to the hair and thus improve the overall appearance, while the fact that the benefits of Filler are more comprehensive, and the most important positive effects of the use of these materials include: 

Increases hair density and treats Thinning hair 

Having thinning or few hair is one of the problems that make women undergo hair transplantation, but they are faced with the high costs of hair transplantation, which increase the popularity of hair Filler.

One of the most important benefits of Filler is that it contributes to the treatment of thinning hair unlike other cosmetic materials; as the materials used in the Filler to feed the roots and fill them from the inside, and then increase the thickness of hairs, which leads to strengthening and treating hair thinning and increase its density. 

Resists hair brittleness 

It is one of the benefits of Filler for hair and its positive effects.  

Filler contains the element of Zanthalene, which works on the individual hair fibers and make them more flexible, and thus reduce the possibility of exposure to the problems of brittleness, and contains keratin, which has a similar effect of Zanthalene in addition to it encapsulates the roots and increases the strength and degree of resistance to pollutants and dust. 

100% Safe 

Many people hesitate to use chemicals or undergo one of the cosmetic operations for fear of the complications that may happen, but tests proved that Filler has no side effects and no complications. 

This is due to the fact that the hair Filler is composed of 100% natural materials. It strengthens the hair. It is also completely safe and does not cause long-term hair loss and does not harm the scalp, as opposed to other cosmetics.  

It should be noted here that the products of the hair Filler authorized by the World Health Organization without controls, where studies have shown that the effect of these preparations that the use of any side effects, and it is completely safe to use even for children at the age of three years if they Suffer from hair loss or low density. 

Effective for relatively long periods

 Some people may think that the cost of hair Filler is relatively high compared to other options, especially as experts recommend choosing good and reliable products. These prices range from $ 30 to $ 200 per session, but not when looking at Filler's benefits, especially, that the therapeutic and aesthetic effect of Filler lasts for long periods.  

The studies have shown that hair Filler has not been reused periodically. Filler is not only used for hair but also nourishes and treats hair follicle itself, which means that the hair that grows later grows with the same degree of thickness, density, and strength. 

Multiple options 

One of the most important benefits of Filler, or more precisely its advantages is that it puts the user in front of multiple options, he or she can choose what suits his or her condition. Although the ingredients of the Filler product are semi-permanent, their percentage varies from one type to another and therefore their effectiveness varies. Generally, three main types of products are available as follows:  

  • Therapeutic hair Filler.
  • Hair dyeing Filler.
  • Hair straightening Filler.

Results and opinions on Hair Filler

Filler has achieved a revolution in the world of beauty and hair care, because of its many positive effects include cosmetic and therapeutic benefits and the long-lasting effect.  

Some Medical Affairs Foundations, in general, and cosmetics in particular, have collected opinions from women who have done hair Filler. The evaluations were nearly 95% positive.