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Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital

Tekin Sokak No:8, Acıbadem Kadıköy 34718 İstanbul, Istanbul
  • Fiyat Seviyesi
  • 1 Gün Klinik Cevap Süresi
  • +90 216 544 46 64

**** Main Speciality: All Medical Treatments **** Foundation year: 1991 **** Number of hospitals: 14 **** Number of doctors: +100 doctors **** Number of beds/rooms in Kadikoy hospital: 138 beds 23 operating rooms **** Languages spoken: Turkish, English, Russian, Arabic. **** JCI accreditation: Yes

About Acibadem Health Group in numbers:

14 general hospitals that offer in-patient treatment;
9 outpatient departments;
more than 11,000 medical personnel;
1,850 experienced medical professionals;
2,000 beds;
more than 350 beds in intensive care unit (ICU);
83 operating theaters.
The institution has JCI accreditation and is known for its range of laboratory procedures. The latest achievements of genetics, pathology, umbilical cord blood, health, stem cells and foodstuffs are learning and practicing by the institution. Network of Acibadem Health Group operates on the University basis, where the exchange of experience and are prepared to practice health care professionals.

The main activities of the complex Acibadem:

Child and Adult Cardiology;
Radio-oncology (using modern technologies, such as CyberKnife, Trilogy, RapidArc);
Child and Adult neurosurgery (gamma knife is used);
Surgery using robotic systems;
Bone marrow transplantation;
Orthopedics, Sport medicine;
Treatment of obesity;
Breast diseases.

In Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital, there are many units and clinics founded by taking into account the particularities of diseases and the needs of patients. Among these, Breast Health Center, Diabetes Clinic, Check-up Center, Orthopedia and Gynecology Units are included. In addition to these units, high-risk heart surgeries and orthopedical surgical operations such knee, should, hip surgeries are performed within the scope of adult and pediatric hand surgery.

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